Action-Adventure, Roleplaying.

Release Date 2023.


The sequel will future a lot more Gameplay variation compared to the first game, while the graphical upgrade to 3D has been quite difficult, the real challenge is to make the game constantly introduce new mechanics. This was done very little in the first game which led to many players having a boring and grindy experience. Sahlnor Legends 2 however ensures that you do not see the same traps/puzzles too many times.

THE STORY: A young Orc is sailing to Centaur Valley to undergo his Ogun'Kava (Coming of age Trial), but on the way, his boat crashes on Thunder Island, there he is introduced to opportunities that he had never expected.
On the island he finds an artifact of immense power, realizing the true potential of the artifact, he undergoes many challenges to unlock the full power of the artifact.




In the sequel I'm also adding cosmetic upgrades such as hats.
The player will also receive a house early in the game, you will be able to upgrade wallpapers, floors, furniture for individual rooms in the game.



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